Do You Know This Healthy Weight Loss Lie 

 October 15, 2020

By  Eyram Hlortsi

Your weight loss efforts have led to many struggles and frustrations probably because because you have also believed in and followed a popular lie about weight loss.

If someone ever told you how easy it is to lose weight, you might have heard them use the phrase, burn more calories than you take in.

Now this phrase (calories in, calories out) became popular because of Dr. Max Wishnofsky and it sounds logical.

In 1958, Dr Wishnofsky said that, a pound (1lbs or 0.45kg) of fat was equal to 3,500 calories. Losing weight could therefore be reduced to a simple mathematical problem that could be solved. If you want to lose 1lbs (0.45kg) of weight, just burn 3,500 calories.

By this hypothesis, people could determine how much less to eat if they wanted to lose weight or how much exercise they needed to undertake to burn a pound of fat. (Calories in must be less than calories out for you to lose weight!)

This is logical. Right?


The Big Weight Loss Lie

You are not alone to believe this theory. Many people believe it too, including nutritionists, dietitians, and even some doctors.

This is why weight loss advise has not helped many people. The advice though well meaning is based on a faulty premise. When you follow the Dr. Wishnofsky rule, you are operating on the implicit assumption that

  • all Calories are equal
  • when you eat fewer calories you will lose weight. (Losing weight involves very complex mechanisms).
  • Hormonal activity does not affect weight loss
  • Toxins in the body or bloodstream does not affect weight loss effort
  • Our bodies have similar digestive capabilities.

Besides, when you lose weight, one of three things or a combination of any or all of these three things happen.

The 3 Ways You Lose Weight

  1. When you lose fat, you lose weight
  2. You lose water weight
  3. A reduction in your muscle mass will make you lose weigh

You do not want to lose muscle mass or excess water weight. Muscle mass is your friend. You should want to gain more of it. I will talk in depth about how you lose weight in a later post and how to target just the bad fat.

Have you ever heard someone say that, they are eating less but still gaining weight.

Or have you not heard people say they are gaining weight even though they are on diet and have been counting their calories?

You have heard people say they are exercising but the scales do not move if you belong to any weight loss community.

You probably might have experienced it too.

There are three things Wishnofsky’s calories in calories out rule does not account for.

These includes your body’s rate of digestion, toxicity in the body and hormonal imbalance. We will discuss that in a future post.

I want you to be read each post to the end I intend to make them short.

If you leave out any of the three critical factors, you will add more pounds of fat over time rather than losing weight.

And it’s not your fault.

Not until now that you are here to learn and take out all the guess work out of your weight loss journey.

Understand this, when you eat less food because you are dieting, initially, you may notice that you have lost weight.

Your Body Fights Back Gains Weight and Reverses Your Weight Loss Achievement

After a few short weeks, you will realize that the scales are not moving or even worse still you have started adding weight.

What is really happening behind the scene is that, your body doesn’t just immediately start burning fat.

Instead, it interprets the low food quantity as starvation. It’s survival mechanism kicks in.

This is supported by several researches sited by the Mayor Clinic, Webmd and Healthline, etc. (I have shared these independent research resources in the links below.)

Your body fights back by slowing down your metabolism so that it can hang on to or conserve energy and stores it as fat.

Your metabolism is how your body breaks down the food you eat and converts it into energy for your survival. You can enhance your body’s metabolism with switch.

But is there any hope for your weight loss efforts?


But you also need to understand the implications of each actions you take on your journey to lose weight.

Things can go down south if you miss any of the critical factors in your approach to weight loss and the results will not be pleasant both for your health and your weight.

But did you know that many people get sick in the long run because of their attempt to lose weight? Some people get seriously sick, ulcers, heart attack, irregular menstrual flow, etc because they are trying to lose weight the wrong way

This will be covered in a future post as well so ensure that you sign up so you don’t miss these three critical factors responsible for weight loss.

In my next post, I will be share with you the critical factors that make you gain weight and how to tackle them for a successful weight loss. My aim is to help you take the guesswork out of your weight loss efforts.

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